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Sedona, Arizona

Sedona. Her environment is naturally inspirational. Visitors and artisans travel thousands of miles, crossing oceans and deserts to experience the breathtaking beauty of her resplendent red rocks. Whether the sun is rising or setting upon Sedona’s red sandstone mountains, there is a luminous glow that forces, almost energetically, passersby to stop in their tracks, pull off to the sides of the roads and attempt to capture the awe-inspiring magnificence of her allure.

However, it is not only the physical beauty of Sedona that draws people to this small yet vibrant oasis in the desert. Sedona is said to possess magical and healing properties. Her vortexes can be traversed, psychics and seers abound to share their gifts with locals and visitors alike, there are sound, light and vibrational therapies available and a myriad of day spas and meditation centers open their doors for healing, as well.

Sedona is as rich in her majesty and mystery as she is in her history...

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Durango, Colorado

Welcome to Durango!

Did you know that there is more than one Durango on the planet? There is one in Spain, one in Mexico and one in the U.S., Durango, Colorado.

Durango, Colorado was named after the town in Mexico. However, the word Durango derives from “Urango”—which originates from the oldest and most unique language, Basque—meaning “water town.” It’s a befitting name for this quaint but vibrant mountain town in southwest Colorado that sits alongside the last free-flowing river in the United States, the Animas River.

Durango was originally founded by the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad (D&RG) in the fall of 1880. Formed to serve the San Juan mining district during the silver and gold mining booms, Durango became an invaluable source for transporting supplies for the, then, isolated area.

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Flagstaff, Arizona

"The City of Seven Wonders"

Set amidst these seven wonders—the Coconino National Forest, Oak Creek Canyon, the San Francisco Peaks, Wupatki National Monument, Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater Volcano and, of course, the infamous Grand Canyon—Flagstaff boasts an abundant history.

A wealthy Bostonian and Harvard cum laude mathematics graduate—intrigued by astronomy, astrophysics, and universal theory—set out to find the perfect location for planetary research. Percival Lowell theorized that the Arizona Territory might offer the solution he was seeking.

He hit pay dirt atop a mesa about a mile from what is now downtown Flagstaff. The year was 1894. The site is the Lowell Observatory. Tucked away amidst the Ponderosa pines of Kinlichi Knoll, stands the Riordan Mansion State Historic Park.

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