Become A Publisher

Essential Magazines was made manifest from one man’s vision. For years, the Essential brand was but a one-man show. Arthur Piubeni, the Founder and Publisher, had an idea…to bring to each community a publication that reflected the people, businesses, organizations and events of those localities.

Today, Essential Magazines is serving three, soon to be four, distinct markets in Arizona and Colorado—Sedona, Flagstaff, Durango, and the upcoming Prescott (Arizona).

We are all about community. Community and Family. Essential Magazines reflects the communities it serves. We are not building a company; we are building a family.

The one-man-show now consists of several writers and photographers, creative designers, web builders, clients and colleagues and an entourage of supporters across the United States and abroad. We are so much more than a tactile publication. We are a foundational force, continually building upon the vision of one man.

We support, promote and endorse the businesses and organizations of every community we have dedicated ourselves to serve. And at the heart of every business, every organization and every non-profit in every community are its people. And we are, all of us, Family.

We are the people of our communities. We are Sedona and Flagstaff and Durango. We are building blocks, forging a positive reflection for every individual who exists within and behind our colorful pages. When you see an advertisement for a restaurateur, know that that page is also dedicated to the wait staff and bussers, cooks, and cleaners of that establishment, for without them, the restaurant would not be. When we highlight a gallery, know the owner is as important as the consultants sharing with each visitor the artists; and that the artists are the prize for sharing their works with us and the world.

We are Essential Magazines. We welcome you to our Family. Join us.

“More than a magazine; it’s a souvenir.”