Durango Explore

Harmony in the Hills

In Durango, July is a wonderful explosion of color, laughter, and long, luxurious summer days. The river flows beneath the warm sun and the wildflowers raise their faces toward the skies.

Cultivating Artistic Connections

Amidst Durango’s bustling downtown distractions and the noise of a harried life, one can simply step through an open door, in the heart of it all, and experience peace.

Sitter Family Hall

It’s been two years since Sitter Family Hall first opened its doors – and its research laboratories, smart classrooms, study nooks, computer labs, observatory, geologic models, and more – to students and faculty at Fort Lewis College.

Revving It Up

In the 1990s, and early into the new millennium, Main Avenue was lined with Harley Davidsons and other motorcycles from 12th Street to the Gaslight Theatre—most estimates in those glory days of the Iron Horse put the number of visiting hogs over 10,000.

On the Fly

Albeit cliché, life is often like a river. It takes you where it wants to take you and fighting the current won’t help.

Public Art With a View

The Fort Lewis College campus is beautiful enough as it is, with sweeping views from its location on a mesa 300 feet above Durango of the La Plata Mountains, Animas River Valley, and the distant San Juan Mountains.

Not Your Typical Club

Settled atop the Animas River Valley—less than 20 miles due north of Durango’s historic downtown district—an exclusive, picture-perfect community exists.

A Win for Winter

Snow days. Children—often slow to roll out of bed for school on a cold, winter morning—somehow find unbridled energy to bounce right up, eagerly and enthusiastically dress, grab their gear and romp through crystal flakes, traversing the hilltops and mountainsides.

Durango Independent Film Festival

The 15th annual Durango Independent Film Festival kicks off March 4th in downtown Durango, and it’s turned into a can’t miss event for locals and visitors alike.