Durango Wellness

Harmony in the Hills

In Durango, July is a wonderful explosion of color, laughter, and long, luxurious summer days. The river flows beneath the warm sun and the wildflowers raise their faces toward the skies.

When Lightning Strikes

If you’ve been in Durango for any amount of time, chances are you’ve noticed James Allred standing outside of Eolus Bar & Dining, saying ‘hello’ to passersby.

Balancing Work & Play

While the list of Durango desirables may vary from person to person, one commonality holds true. It is almost guaranteed that at the very top is community.

Inspiration, Perspiration & Dedication

Since October—when winter was still an icy hint on the breeze and ski season a distant dream—the team at Adaptive Sports Association (ASA) was hard at work.